busy, busy day.


I'm so glad it's the weekend. Now that I'm not working on Saturdays, I feel like I'm actually getting some rest on during these three days. And since I don't have classes on Fridays, every weekend is a three-dayer. YES!

Aus and I have a TON of running around today. Post Office, Bank, Grocery store.....just to name a few. And a LOT of cleaning and organizing. We're having a spa party with a few of the girls [well, I am. Austin is hanging with Daddy during the party] and I'm planning to have a few appetizers and a signature drink. And something virgin for the pregnant host [ME!]

I'm hoping today is as productive as I plan!!

Oh and check this out- Austin was using the laundry basket as a walker. He was going all over the place last night!!! GO CHUB!

my big boy. ♥

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