Baking Baby B...10wks

how enthusiastic do i look?

How far along: Ten Weeks and some change...
Total weight gain: from starting weight: +2.8lbs. I lost 3-4lbs since my last appointment and have maintained the same number for the last two weeks. Cool.
Maternity clothes: Just jeans. I have a few loose tops that are working well for me.
Stretch Marks: Nothing new. Just those pesky semi-faded ones from Austin.
Sleep: I'm sleeping fine...except I have to pee like twice a night. It sucks.
Best moment this week: "Gaining an extra hour." lol and relaxing over the weekend.
Worst moment this week: Fighting. I hate fighting with Charlie. :(
Movement: none. Well, nothing I can feel. I'm sure he/she is doing lots of twists and turns for the heck of it.
Cravings: nothing really strong. I've been wanting a lot of tacos and salsa though. But that may just be because I'm fat. lol
Baby's size in food terms: small plum. sweet!
Belly Button: innie innie innie.

Gender: yo no se. pero i'm hoping for a girl. you like that spanglish?
What I miss: beer. oh glorious beer.
What I am looking forward to: second trimester...hopefully more energy. the first tri blows.

Labor Signs: um...none. thank goodness.
Weekly Wisdom: You're growing a human being. 'nuff said.


  1. Awwww...makes me wanna get knocked up now lol. Gaining an extra hour was totally worth it!!!

  2. do it do it do it do it! lol...i need more preggie mommy buds. lol


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