Austin is Ten Months Old!!!

Wowee. Wow. Wow. Ten months ago, you were a freshly born babe in my arms. I remember when you were two days old, it was the first time you and I were completely and totally alone. I was scared sending home my mom and Charlie [Grandma Yoli and Daddy] so they could sleep because I was worried I couldn't do it by myself. But we did it, chub. We worked so well together! You've seriously made this transition into motherhood so easy for me, compared to what I was preparing myself for!

First time alone

And look at how far we've come love!!

I love being alone with you

  • Height//Length: 28 inches
  • Weight: 19.6 lbs
  • Head Circ: 18 inches [but i think we need to remeasure]
  • Diet: EVERYTHING. except seafood and chocolate. you're drinking 6oz bottles at a time and can EASILY eat a 4oz jar of babyfood or two. You eat a lot of table food too so that makes life a bit easier. You love fruits and veggies! This makes mommy happy. And you tried some goat cheese today and LOVED it.
  • Sleep Schedule: 8-12hrs a night with MAYBE 1-2 wake ups. Averaging one nap a day, but have been known to nap three times per day. When you wake up, you're "relatively" easy to put back to sleep, but you definitely have your moments!
  • Teeth: still just the two, but you definitely have some coming through sometime soon. Your gums are all mushy!
  • You still won't walk unless you're holding onto something, but you're getting fast chubbah! Whenever we try to get you to take a step or two by yourself, you fall to the ground and sprint crawl to wherever you want to go. It's the cutest.
  • You LOOOVE to dance! Whenever we put music on, you're always jamming! It's so adorable!
  • You recognize tv shows and commercials and will stop whatever you're doing to pay attention to them on tv.
  • You're still not talking clearly, but you talk a LOT now. And trying to get you to be quiet is next to impossible. You have a few different voices: your cooing voice, your babble voice, your super loud "listen to what I'm saying" voice, and your whine voice. 
  • You smile and laugh so often now. And usually at the most random things. When I grunt, you get to giggling like there's no tomorrow! 
  • Your hair is growing in now that Mommy is conditioning and moisturizing it regularly. I hope it grows in evenly. You've still got long patches all over your head, but now the thin spots have curls  too! 
  • You are seriously, THE. CUTEST. KID. EVAR.

Your mommy and daddy are absolutely, totally, head-over-heels in love with you kiddo. And you surprise us, make us laugh, exasperate us, run us into the ground, etc...every. single. day. And we honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

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