Blogging: FAIL.

I was all ready and pumped to post a super cute post with pictures about Austin's antics over the last few days. I had a comfy spot on the chair, bubba and Daddy were drinking a bottle [well, A was drinking..Daddy was holding because...well...we literally have the laziest baby ever! More on that tomorrow..] and it was the PERFECT time to post before bed.

But I can't find the camera!

Austin had it last while playing on the couch. I know, I know...Mother of the Year...letting her kid play with an expensive electronic device AND on the couch. lol But he's pretty gentle and safe about these things these days....

But now the camera has disappeared into the abyss!

I last took a picture of Austin picking up and throwing the popcorn that he had all over the floor. Don't Ask....yet. 

Le. Sigh.

I think I'm going to bed. This has been a long day. Hopefully I find the camera tonight or tomorrow so I can show you all how rad of a kid I have.

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