I spent the day with my little boy today and it was fun to get out of the house and do something together! This morning, all three of us went to the mall and took pictures with Santa. I've got to get a picture of it up on here because...wait, get this...dun dun dun...HE SMILED! lol

Third times the charm, I suppose?! He was a bit fussy right before Santa came out. We'd been waiting in line for an hour at this point, so I'm sure that had something to do with it. And when I walked with him over and paused in front of the big man, he was SUPER skeptical. But when I set him on his lap, he was ALL smiles! I was so happy!

Then, with the 20% off coupon we got for Crazy 8  [this SUPER cute kid's clothing store], we headed over and bought a few shirts and a pair of jeans for the lil' guy. He's just getting so big on us, we FINALLY have to keep up with clothes on him. Seriously, this is the first time I've really bought clothes for him. We have a lot of hand-me-downs!! We shopped the sales rack and scored the few items for under $20!! Awesome deal. And then we FINALLY bought Austin the one present I KNOW he'll love this year...

[the turtle, if you're curious]

We looked at the entire rack of animals and handed him different ones and this was the one he loved! He had a DEATH GRIP on it and a big smile on his face so we knew he wanted it. He literally goes NUTS when he sees the commercial on tv.

After a quick nap, the chublet and I headed out to Seattle for Burgerama with the rest of the CFK crew. [A little backstory: CFK stands for Closet Fat Kids. Because we like to eat. We're the kids at fat camp caught stuffing our cheeks in the cabin closet. lol] It's been awhile since all four of us had gotten together, what with Susan moving all the way to Tennessee and the other three of us scattered across the Seattle/Tacoma area. I miss all my girls! And it'd been awhile since they'd all seen Austin, so it was great that he could come with me!

side note: Sorry Susan, I forgot to take a picture of you today!!

A with Auntie Lauren. She was one of the FIRST to see him come into this world!

Being funny with Aunt Maggie.

all three of them being super silly.

All in all we had a fantastic day! And now we're spending it relaxing. I think Austin might even go to sleep early tonight! Whew. Hopefully he sleeps well, Mommy has to work in the morning!!

xoXo ♥

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  1. Sounds like you guys had an enjoyable day. I've been trying to hunt down a frog pillow pet for Moo because I have a Princess & the Frog theme going on with her. She's the Princess and I've surrounded her room with cute little frogs. She's grown to love them now.


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