*insert panic attack here*

Show of hands: how many of y'all watch Supernanny on the style network? *raise hands* Yea, me too. Show of hands now: how many of you get a little worried every time you see those hellions *ahem* kids acting up?

I know I do.

I am deathly afraid of doing something wrong in the early stages of parenting and royally screwing up my kiddo[s] in the discipline department! I grew up knowing that if I acted up at all, I'd be spanked and totally embarrassed. [because spanking in the middle of the grocery store was traumatizing as a kid] And while I can *kinda* see the thought process behind it, [because yes, I've wanted to, on several occasions, lightly tap this kid's chunky legs for his bad behavior]...ultimately, solving problems with violence is abuse. However you want to spin it, it's not right.

Right now our big issue is his hitting. How much sense would it make if we said, "no hitting", by hitting him? Hypocritical, much? I think so.

In any case, I looove Jo's tips. I never believed time-out could work until I saw her put it into action. I love that there has to be a specific way for things to be done. I guess it appeals to the OCD in me. I just hope I can master it before I need to enlist her actual help. lol

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  1. First of all love the Dallas onesie! Second its hard to know how each child will respond to discipline. I have 5 and theyre all different. I never really had to do spanking...but Im not opposed. Time out has worked for me with my just turned 4 yr old daughter. She knows and goes and stays...I might be lucky. Lets hope the 9 month old follows in her path. She is a terror already...screaming and yelling. Lord help me....Please! You will do fine and work through it DAILY...thats the fun part for us mamas.


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