DIY: Family Photos

When thinking about our Christmas cards, I went through our recent photos and realized that we have ZERO pictures together as a family. There's a TON of Austin by himself and several of him with each one of us, but NONE of the three of us. Insert our good friends, the Carpenters, who just got a fantastic new camera and were willing to do a completely unprofessional and all around laid back photoshoot for us! Yay! Here's a few unedited shots from tonight!

I wanted to get a few of the babe close up, so I got behind the lens. This TOTALLY inspired me to get a nice camera and start taking photography more seriously! New Years Resolution anyone?
Please, to all the awesome photogs out there...be gentle with me. 
I literally pointed and shot these. lol

any camera suggestions for getting started?


  1. Looks like you all got some good shots there.

  2. I need a camera that I can set timer to take family pictures

  3. the one she used had a timer. i'm sooo getting it for myself. it's a canon rebel xos


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