Holy Hormones Batman!

Last night the hubs, chub and I were sitting in the living room watching The Blind Side [a great movie about Michael Oher starring Sandra Bullock] during dinner.

 There's a scene where Michael and his little "brother" are driving around and singing to the radio and they get into a car accident. Total head-on collision. Of course the little boy is okay and so is the main character. The reason the little one is okay is mostly due to the fact that Michael put his arm out and stopped the deploying airbag from smacking the kiddo.

And there I am, in all my pregnant glory, eating food and all of a sudden I burst into tears!!! Charlie looked over at me in horror. He was like, "Are you okay?" I felt so 'tarded. There I was - laughing, crying, and feeling really super dumb. All I could think was I wish I could keep my little babies as babies forever so they don't ever get into a car accident and get hurt. Totally rational thought, right? I just wish I could've kept the waterworks to a minimum.

I know Charlie understands, but it's so hard to really "get it" if you've never cried over ridiculous things. lol And I wish I could say that this was all I've cried over in the last few weeks. But alas..

I've cried while driving to school and singing certain songs. I've cried while thinking about Charlie. I've cried while thinking about Austin. And these aren't like sad thoughts. Just they've crossed my mind and all of a sudden I'm crying. You guys, I've cried over freaking chord progressions. I think I'm losing my mind.

Oh pregnancy...what are you doing to me?

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