Sixteen Weeks...oh yeaaaa

How far along: Sixteen weeks and six days
Total weight gain: from starting weight: -1lb. I'm confused. :/
Maternity clothes: I'm doing some shopping tomorrow! None of my pants fit anymore! They're too baggy!!
Stretch Marks: nothing new!
Sleep: I need a nap throughout the day, which has me up super late!
Best moment this week: the start of winter break! yah!!
Worst moment this week: feeling kinda sickly.
Movement: i leaned against a counter and felt a distinct roll..lol
Cravings: water, french fries..lol
Baby's size in food terms: avocado!!

Belly Button: innie innie innie.
Gender: I'll be able to find out in 23 days. CAST YOUR VOTE ON THE SIDEBAR!
What I miss: not having back pain!
What I am looking forward to: 23 days until finding out if B is a girl or a boy!

Labor Signs: back pain that felt like back labor...omgah!
Weekly Wisdom: Labor...psssh!

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