you wanna be my BFF?...well lemme tell ya...

things you should know...

the normal tidbits...

my favorite number is 5.

my bed has six pillows on it, and at least four of them end up on the floor by morning time.

i social-network like it's going out of style.

i could eat french fries everyday for the rest of my life and be happy.

i love romantic comedies.

 i've never broken a bone or had any surgery.

i am absolutely, totally, horrible with money. but i'm working on it.

i am five-feet-one-inch tall. they call me shorty.

most of my closest friends started off as people i couldn't stand.

i literally will answer to anything. as long as it's not rude.

the not-so-normal, oh-my-gah-this-chick-is-weird, kinda things...

i like to chew peanuts, sunflower kernels, and doritos until they are a big ball of mush, swallow them, regurgitate them, and then swallow them again.

i like to chew my toenails and spit them out.

i hate brushing my teeth.

if i'm eating a lunchable, i have to make them into mini snacks. cracker-ham-cheese. there is NO other way.

when at work, i have to clean up after every single drink or i tend to have an internal meltdown.

most people have three bones in their toes, in all but my big toe [on both feet], i have only two.

my son watches Sprout tv, and i'll find myself enjoying the same shows even when he's not here or taking a nap.

even when something doesn't hurt, i tend to say 'ow'.

the reasons why i'm kind of a big deal...

for the people that are worth it, i will drop everything to be there for you.

i  have only lost one game of rock-paper-scissors. EVER.

i've never owned a car that wasn't given to me by family.

i know everything, and everything i don't know, you know. take me on a deserted island with ya?

i really do have two people in this world who stalk my every WWW move, copy that, and even take details of my life and apply it to their own. it's been happening since 2005 and it freaks me out.

i was once stalked by a small person [dwarf.] no lie.

i've never fallen while ice skating.

i'm seriously considering creating a sarcasm font.

One of the blogs I stalk *ahem* faithfully read posted this link-up, "Things You Should Know...". And I think people should be warned *coughcough* in the know should you wanna be my friend! I love making friends. So be my BFF, comment, and link up! Chea.

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  1. Hey girl visiting from LMM. Love this post. We have alot in common but you can come over and visit and read why I say that. Love fries...I say sorry all the time even when its not my fault. lol Im the mom of 5 and love meeting new mamas. So if you visit me back then we can be BFFs like Ashley. lol You have a beautiful family and I wish you all a Happy Holiday! Bacio, Beso & Blessings!


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