why pregnancy, rain, slick tires, and idiot drivers don't mix.

My loyal blog readers, I'm writing this after having spent the entire. freaking. day. in the emergency room. Why? You ask? Because I was honestly worried about Baby B's safety after the anxiety/hysteria inducing almost accident of last night.

Where to start? From the beginning, I suppose.

My girlfriends and I were getting together for another CFK hoorah at Lauren's house. I was on my way into town and it was raining pretty steadily. Not hard, just annoying rain...the same ole rain that plagues the Pacific Northwest over 200 days a year on average. You would think that since people have come to accept that it rains a lot over here, they'd be pros at driving in the rain. Welp. That assumption is W-R-O-N-G with a capital dubya.

I had just hung up the phone with my friend Susan, confirming that I would be swooping her up in the downtown area in roughly fifteen minutes. No worries friend. I did this all with my hands-free device and both hands firmly on the wheel, so I was practicing safe communicating/driving. So there I am, driving along, Mariah Carey had decided to play on my Pandora station, but I was concentrating on the road as it had gotten more congested and it was slightly downhill.

I'm doing 65-70mph. Keeping up with traffic.

To my right, about 2-5 inches in front of me, there is a silver car.

All of a sudden, without ANY warning whatsoever, he swerves in front of me.

My heart sunk to my butt and I gasped for air. My foot slams on the brake. The tires [oh so slick, might I add] start sliding. The combination of water from the air, oil from the road, virtually no tread left, and the high speed was far too much for my poor, poor tires and they start to squeal. LOUDLY.

I'm gripping the wheel with all of my might and focusing on keeping it still and out of the way of the idiot driver. We coasted down this hill for at LEAST 20-30 feet with my riding his tail and just BARELY not hitting him when I hit a patch of water [I assume, because I didn't turn the wheel] and the car was thrown into the HOV lane. My head processed it before the words could come out, but I prayed that no one was in the lane.

Thankfully no one was.

And thankfully I didn't hit the cement barrier.

My car slowed down and I was able to get control over the death machine I was in. I've never cried out for Jesus that much in my life. I was shaking and crying so hard, it's a miracle I made it off the freeway without freaking out.

I really don't know how I didn't end up hurt. I was going fast. He was going fast. And being an idiot. And had we hit, it would've been horrible. Other cars would've been involved. I hope that guy changes his driving style because he could've seriously hurt people last night. I know it was the hand of God carrying my car and steering that wheel last night. And I am eternally grateful to know I was able to go see my friends and come home to my husband and son and still carry Baby B.

Which brings me to why I was at the ER all day. Directly after, I had some sharp pains in my cervix and some cramping. The sharp ones went away but the cramps kept on all night. I even had some contractions in the wee hours of the morning. I called my doctor and ended up only talking to the OB nurse who told me to go to the ER. So I went.

I had the whole shebang. IV, blood drawn, vag exam, and even *gasp* ULTRASOUND! I couldn't print out the pictures, but they let me snap a few on my iPhone.

neat-o, right?


They were willing to try and look at the gender, despite the horrid quality of the portable machine. But Baby B was a little stubborn and kept his/her legs tightly closed throughout the entire ultrasound. BOO. 
So it looks like we're still waiting 15 days [or less] to see Baby B's wittle private parts. 

I'm hoping that since A's *ahem* stuff *cough* was so big he never closed his legs...that this is an indicator of a little baby girl. lol. Who's with me?

All in all...I'm okay. Still crampy, but okay. Baby B is great. Stubborn, but great. I'm scared to death of driving now. And I wasted an entire day in the ER. Well, I *did* get to see my little stubborn, modest B.

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  1. Both you and my friend recently had this incident happen!! And you're both pregnant. Very scary for both of you I'm sure!!


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