Seventeen Weeks. S-E-V-E-N-T-E-E-N

How far along: Seventeen weeks and six days
Total weight gain: from starting weight, +2.2lbs
Maternity clothes: I dropped a cool $70+ on some new maternity jeans. They are HEAVEN. I even got some of Heidi Klum's maternity skinny jeans. yayer.
Stretch Marks: nothing new to report! but I itch like it's going out of style!
Sleep: sucks. really it does. I'm just not comfortable.
Best moment this week: Christmas...thankfully it's over now.
Worst moment this week: realizing Charlie goes back to work in a few days. :(
Movement: nothing major, just some prods and pokes.
Cravings: VEGGIES!!! I ate two salads yesterday!
Baby's size in food terms: an onion. :)

Belly Button: innie innie innie.
Gender: I'll be able to find out in 15 days. CAST YOUR VOTE ON THE SIDEBAR!
What I miss: having physical stamina.
What I am looking forward to: 15 days until finding out if B is a girl or a boy!

Labor Signs: random BH contrax...every time I have one, I guzzle water! lol
Weekly Wisdom: We watched my birthing video with Austin and I realized all of my fears are normal, but I totally survived an induction with him and I can totally do it again. 

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