Messing Around.

The hubs let me upgrade to the premium membership on picnik.com and I've spent the last few hours messing around. We went to the beach today and took a few pictures on my crappy camera. But I kinda like how some of these turned out. If any of you specialize-in-photography-mommas happen to come across this blog, would you give me some critiques? I'm going to invest in a decent camera next month and would like to dabble in some light photography. You can be as mean as you like...I promise. lol

In any case. Pictures of my boys. [and my BIL].


  1. I recently upgraded to the Nikon d3100. Its ahh-mazing. Especially for the newbie (like myself) to the dslr world. I have yet to take it out of manual, but plan to spend some time (ha in all my free time) learning how to use it!!!!

    If your looking for an upgrade, check out the Nikon d3100 or the Canon rebel (dppreview.com) will let you do a side by side comparison.

    We can be wanna be photographers together ;)

  2. Hope you had an awesome christmas.

  3. I actually really like your pictures. Especially for not having anything fancy.

    I loveeee my Canon powershot, but really, I love all Canon's haha. Nikon's are great too.

    Ps. I miss living up that way more because of that 'beach' :(


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