Austin is Eleven Months Old!!

  • Height//Length: 29 inches

  • Weight: 20.2 lbs

  • Head Circ: 18.5 inches

  • Diet: You're still eating everything in sight! Whenever we're eating food, whether or not you've JUST had your own, you go all doggy on us and beg for food! Your big ole' belly is just too cute!

  • Sleep Schedule: You've been having issues in the sleep department but it's mostly because there are times when you're too hot/cold and you can't breathe or something along those lines. We've been bringing you into our bed which has made my sleep horrible, but you're sleeping better and I'm relishing the moments I get to spend with you.

  • Teeth: still just two, but I'm wondering if your fussy nature every now and then is the result of teething. Or maybe you just like being such a "doll". lol

  • We ALMOST got you to walk bubba! You're getting more confident in standing on your own but if you know you're not supported by something, you fall right to your butt!

  • You're still a dancing king! It's so cute watching those little fat thighs bounce to the music!

  • You STILL recognize tv shows and commercials and will stop whatever you're doing to pay attention to them on tv.

  • Still no recognizable words with real meanings. You say "mama" and I answer you so that maybe you'll start to understand that it means me! I'm also working with you on "please" and "thank you" and "uh-oh".  And whenever I say "sit on your butts!" you stare at me like I've lost my mind, but you're slowly getting what it means!

  • You definitely still have the staring problem, but you smile at people more. Someone said you have "knowing" eyes. I like that!

  • You giggle like there's no tomorrow whenever I saw "ew". lol

  • You like to splash in the bathtub now! OMWORD! And you like to throw all of your toys and all of the shampoo and body wash bottles on the floor OUTSIDE the tub. Gotta tell ya, it's a slip hazard every time I go in the bathroom!

  • Your hair is growing like weeds! The thinner spots now have definite curls and your longer patches are roughly 3inches+ when straightened out. I just LOVE your curls bub. But soon, we're going to trim the ends and even it all up *sniff* If I can handle it!

  • You are seriously, THE. CUTEST. KID. EVAR.

  • I find it hard to believe that you're growing up on me.

  • to see more of Austin' growth, click HERE!

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