Filler Post

I feel like I haven't had much to post about these last days, although I DO have to post about week 21 of this pregnancy. Today I am 22 weeks on the dot. That's awesome. I'm happy about it. But yea. Look for that post next...when I get home and can take pictures and what not.

Not a lot has been going on around here. Just hanging out with the boys, going to school, and thinking about Bella and all of the planning stuff that I have going on. Seriously. I'm trying to NOT feel overwhelmed but it's friggin hard not to when you KNOW you have a ton of stuff going on between now and June. INCLUDING the birth of your second born. Eeek.

But I digress...

School is going pretty well. I feel a lot more motivated and I have a lot more energy, even if I'm not sleeping a ton at night. Austin's been sleeping in bed with us. Not because he wants to. It's all MY fault. Eeep! I'm just having a hard time dealing with the fact that he's such a big boy. Like OMG. I'm freakin. So I just want to spend as much time near him as possible. My classes aren't hard, just pretty tedious and requiring a lot more focus and attention.

I've been experimenting with hairstyles. I'm looking for something fun and flirty that requires LITTLE time and can handle a LOT of playing with. I've literally worn the same hairstyle [parted on the left and straight] for several years. It's my staple and I love it, but I want something else sometimes. This is what I did. What do you think?

[I'm not sure why I always make this face. But I do.]

And here's my boys. Being funny as usual. Charlie called me in the room to watch him and Austin practicing combatives. I shake my head.

too cute.
Aaaaaaaand that's about it for this filler post. 
I've gotta go to class now.

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