Tell me whatcha want...whatcha really, really want.

1. iMac. I can't wait to welcome this new member to the family.

2. Leather/Microfiber sectionals. Seriously. LUSTING hard over this. Pending availability, we might be getting one soon! And for the prices that I've seen so far...this is SUCH a good deal.

3. This sunburst mirror from Target. But at $70...I'm not sure I can justify it.

4. Hairbows and Headbands from Etsy. Like the ones found here on Little Loves Designs.

5. THIS little beaut. oh. my. DROOL.

6. McDonald's french fries. 'nuff said.

7.  a cute, wrinkly little newborn that we name Bella.

8. Maternity photos and more family photos. We'll take those in April though.

9. Vanilla cake with whipped cream frosting. I'm a fatty. What can I say?

10.   That beach wedding in 2014 I've been thinking about...

and those are just some things I'm lusting over right now.


  1. 1. I loveeee the new blog
    2. Canon's are amazingggg.
    3. Yay for maternity/family pictures... I can't wait to get some done!

  2. <3 my Mac.
    I also recently upgraded to a Nikon and LOVE it. You will love the Canon. Now I just need to learn how to work it... and find the time ;)


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