we went to the park

and for the first time umpteenth time, i saw how my little infant is entering into pre-toddlerhood. i think i'm constantly in denial about this whole process of growing up. really. we went with a friend [ austin's new babysitter] and her daughter to the park today after my ultrasound of bella. i was for sure that he would spend the entire time in my arms and not really interested in anything else. but when we got there that was a whole different story.

of course he was in my arms, but that was because he's not too sure about the walking business unless he desperately wants something and it was pretty chilly outside today. but he definitely had a lot of fun.

and watching him blossom from this boring, yet undeniably cute and cuddly newborn to this interested, little tyke with his own personality, thoughts, feelings and desires.....i had fun too!

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