that's my baby b. [i have to say, it's quite hard switching from baby b to bella...lol] i had an ultrasound today so they could see the rest of her spine since she was super stubborn last time. well, surprise surprise [and really, i'm not at this point. like mother, like daughter...right?] she was just as stubborn this time. 

i think it's because she was sleeping. and despite all of the efforts of the tech and i [oh how i love walking up and down the corridors of the hospital], she shall not be moved until she's ready. i think it's also because austin pushes on her all of the time so she's like, "pssh lady. my brother does this and i don't turn...what makes you think i'll start now?"

in any case...she was snoozing away. and i eventually fell asleep on the table because i'd been up since three thirty... yaaaah work. then the tech came back and she'd flipped over! YAH. i got confirmation that YES. she is still a girl. [woot!]

but the tech snapped these 3D photos [which, coincidentally they told me they couldn't do 3D ultrasounds...lie much, madigan?] while waiting for Bella to wakey wakey. she put some blurry ones on my cd, but i snapped a few on my camera phone while she was busy getting confirmation for me to leave. schaweeeet! 

um..is it just me or does she look CRAZILY identical to her brother? i know, i know! they're related. that's normal. but STILL. i, personally, think it's rare to see a bro/sis combo that look that much alike. mmmyea. i can't wait to get a full 3D/4D ultrasound when i'm closer to term!


  1. One of my brothers and I are 18 months apart and we look just alike, only difference is eye and hair color.

  2. Hmmm...I'm going to see if I can get a 3D ultrasound of our little JJ. I totally forgot to ask at my last appointment. It's hard to tell if he looks more like me or my husband from the regular ultrasound.


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