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austin's first birthday is fast approaching. he's a chunky little thing at twenty plus pounds and he's surprisingly tall...or at least he seems to be. today while heading to the park, i noticed his toes were starting to dangle over the edge of the carseat. we're still using his bucket seat from Chicco. i, personally, love the thing. and it's safety rating ain't too shabby either! i've known since before he was born that i'd like to keep him rear facing for as long as possible, and especially as long as the guidelines weren't met [one year AND twenty pounds]. and now that the time is near, its' time to start looking into our options.

i'd heard a lot about extended rear facing with other crunchy nut mamas. and to be honest, it's quite genius. i'm not sure why it's considered "trendy" or "not practical"...but to some families it is. and hey- if there's one thing i've learned with parenting...what works for you is what you should do. because honestly..you're the one who has to deal with it. austin HATES his carseat. i mean, loathes it with a passion. the kid freaks when we put him in. just today...i had to pacify him with a french fry before he started crying. and when he was nursing, i'd take him out frequently and nurse him in the car. i know, i know...mommy fail.

one reason i've heard a lot of parents turning their kids around is to stop the child from screaming and whatnot. well isn't that awesome! maybe if i turn him around he'll feel better?! who knows? in any case, i've heard of some parents doing it at five and seven months. and frankly..that's just too soon. or i've heard of them turning as soon as the child his twenty pounds. well if you've gotta chunka like me...that's pretty soon too. i'm no expert or anything, but facts are facts...and when they stare you down, it's hard to deny their legit-ness. [oh yes...i said it.]

i found this wicked sick blog today after perusing some other blogs talking about this very issue. i think everyone should read it. talk about in-depth and thorough! i feel so much more prepared to deal with this after just reading that! and there's also this blog too. great info there as well.

what have we decided? well, i'd like to keep him rear facing as long as possible. because let's face it, seattle drivers are nuts! lately i've been having too many close calls for comfort. i don't like driving, but i know i'm safe. i just don't trust anyone else and my kiddos life is far more important to me than his comfort level. lol i'm going to look into safety ratings of some convertible carseats and hopefully buy one for him tomorrow. i'm also going to see if i can find a portable dvd player for entertainment sake. wouldn't that be schweet? let's hope he likes this better than his current car seat...because sometimes the screaming just drives us nutzo.

i read this great quote too: broken legs, cast it. broken neck, casket.

um. that pretty much made the decision for me. lol


  1. Honestly, I didn't have a choice with Moo. By the time she was ten months her legs were too long to sit rear facing any more. Plus, with the issues of her bones being bowed out the bone specialist recommended that we either avoid long car rides or go ahead and consider a forward facing carseat. Thankfully, two months wasn't a long to wait before the recommended age of forward facing car seats.

    I think that if your child can still fit into a rear facing carseat carefully then fine. As a parent, I've learned to go with my gut and not other people's opinion when it comes to safety matters, etc. I mean look how many people had drop sided cribs and now those things are illegal. It just goes to show you that nothing is set in stone or truly safe.

  2. YES MA'AM Michael!! Did you guys PCS here finally?

  3. Yup! we're about 1.5 hours from seattle.

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  5. are you in bremerton?? we're not too terribly far from there...we live on fort lewis!


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