we were supposed to get new living room furniture delivered and set up today, but the delivery guy didn't have his wallet. and since we live on post, you need an id [among other documents] to get on post. you should've seen us though. the guy said he'd be at our house in twenty minutes so charlie and i ran around like mad, headless chickens trying to move our current furniture out to the garage. lol and just as he was vacumming all the debris from under the couch [surely i can't be the only mom with craploads of junk under there] the guy called and told us we couldn't get our things until tomorrow.

oh well.

what do we do? we improvise!

we brought out our blow up mattress and have been lounging on it all day. because we're rockstars..lol

and this is what happens when you get a pregnant, uncoordinated lady on a mostly [but not all the way] filled air mattress. it's pretty funny. not gonna lie.

lol. fun times. and yes, these were taken with my new camera...on auto, of course. and with flash. i have so much to learn...and i can't wait!

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