baby, let me whine you down.

austin got a new car seat yesterday. you can read about that whole carseat thang over here. we tried installing it in daddy's car and ended up spending so. much. time. working on it. after a certain point, we just decided to turn it around.

i know. i know. this is what happens when i open my mouth and make a decision about something. i'm still not comfortable with it and had to refrain from turning around every few seconds. even though i had to keep feeding him vanilla wafers to keep him happy.

so anyway. 

this was his face. he'd never seen the front of the car before. he kept drinking milk from his sippy cup and then letting it dribble down his face. i was like, "austin! you're gonna get all stinky and dirty!" he didn't care.


daddy needed a gps to work on land navigation so we went to Cabellas. i'd never been so i was pretty anxious to see what all the fuss was all about. and i was NOT disappointed!!

this fish was HUGE!

um, i so didn't know that a wolverine was real.

he was pretty taken aback by this big guy below...


this pic was taken as we were headed up the escalator....where things went HORRIBLY sour.

so they have a cafe there...i think it was called cascades or something like that. it was around time for us to have lunch so we decided to sit there and enjoy what they had. plus they had deer sausage so i was salivating already. as we were ordering our food, austin started whining. we tried passing him back and forth and making him laugh but that just made the whining worse.

after getting our food and sitting at our table, charlie decided to walk around the store to keep him occupied while i ate then we would switch. so they took off and i tried to eat my philly steak sandwich [sans mayo and with roast beef and canned mushrooms...um. GROSS.] eventually they came back and austin's whining got worse.

i could see people around us starting to look up at the whiny kid. i felt my body temperature rise so i announced to charlie that we needed to-go containers because we were leaving that very minute. charlie and i had discussed numerous times [usually after watching some poor helpless mom or dad trying to deal with screaming child and in turn, ruining our outing] that if this ever happened to us, we were going to leave. no matter what stage of the meal, grocery shopping, movie, museum visit, etc we were on. i don't want to be one of those families that annoys everyone else...especially when they're paying their hard earned money to enjoy themselves!

so we left. 

i held austin in the car and gave him his milk and he was out like a light! and he's been sleep ever since. lol little bugger.

quick photog question: do y'all mamas wear your camera around your neck when you're out in public taking pictures or do you keep it in your bag until you're ready for it? i felt so touristy...thankfully Cabella's is a tourist attraction over here. lol

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