new furniture = more laziness.

after some back and forth, charlie and i finally decided to just go for it and buy ourselves some new furniture. our old furniture was from my days as a single college student and the bright purple/maroon color made me feel less "adult"...if that makes sense. so in our first major purchase as  a couple, we bought this chocolate brown microfiber sectional with a chaise lounge. what do you think?

cute, right?

it's super duper comfy! like you wouldn't even believe!!! even austin loves it!

if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that we went on a home decor shopping spree yesterday. our walls are so bare, as you can see from the above pictures. we didn't spend much, thanks to the home sale at ROSS! but i think it looks a little nicer. what say you?

i think home feels more home-y nowadays. AND there'll be more space for when friends come over. because before there was only room for four people to sit right. next. to. each. other. talk about personal space overload. lol. 

and now i'm trying to sell our furniture so someone else. let's hope i find a buyer!

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