intro to photography.

so i've finally got my camera and i'm loving every picture i can take. even if they've been on auto. lol it's my new hobby and i'm so glad that the hubs is understanding and totally believes in my ability to do this. i've never taken a photography class, but i have a few friends that are photogs or who dabble in it on the side. i want to be able to take pictures of my family and really just USE the camera to it's full potential.

so i need some advice y'all.

my friends are having their baby in a few months and they want me to take pictures of them. and not to mention, i'd like to take fantastic pictures of my own kiddo when she's born. and how awesome would it be to save money on family photos if i can do it myself and/or teach charlie how to do it? right?!

so...either comment here or send me an email through the contact form. i'd really love some feedback.



  1. Honestly, photography classes are a waste! I took one once and I would rather learn on my own. Just go out and take pictures! Get used to angles, lighting... just learn yourself. If you need, there are wonderful tips all over the internet. It's not as hard as people think. I took maternity pictures for a friend once and they were decent!

  2. I recently got a Canon Rebel and I have been using the tutorials on The Pioneer Woman's blog. She teaches about how to use the lighting and get the camera out of auto and some of the basics of lighting. Very easy to understand. I have managed to take some pretty decent pics.


  3. just start messing around with it. you will figure out what works best for you! i always let the family tell me what they want and what they think works best for them. and once they get into position i move them around a little to what looks best for the camera. use bright walls and fun backgrounds and make sure and tell the family NOT to match. it doesn't look good in the pictures. make sure they each are wearing a bright fun color neutrals don't look so great in pictures. we aren't in the 90's anymore. blog stalk photo sites! i do it all the time for great ideas on places to go and what scenes to use! it is way fun! and i love everytime someone asks me to do their family pictures! its an honor!!!!
    my favorite sites


    LOVE those! there are tons! also just google family photos in seattle or something like that and look at the images for great ideas!!!


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