fack me.

i'm sick.

and pregnant.

so i'm a sick, pregnant chick.

who has a [pre] toddler running around.

thanks husband. i appreciate it.

i am now going to pass out on the couch, ask my babysitter to come get austin, and whine all day. 

oh, and dope up with pregnancy approved medicine. because i need to get better like...YESTERDAY!


  1. aww sorry your feeling so bad hun.. hope you get better soon. Nothing sucks worse then being preggo and sick

  2. You're better off to make yourself a nice big green smoothie than just throw a bandaid on it! That way you and your baby are getting tons of delicious vitamins, minerals, iron, folate, etc! There are tons of awesome recipes online, but a basic one to use is:

    2 handfuls dark leafy greens
    1 banana
    some berries, frozen or fresh
    and I like to throw in sweet bell peppers too, just for the added beta carotene and whatnot

    If your blender doesn't blend it all up straight away, just strain it through a cheesecloth or something.

    Honestly, those meds do more harm than good, even if they are "pregnancy approved" and they don't actually help heal you at all.

    much love <3

  3. oh man! i'm going to have to do this. we're headed to the grocery store later on today so i'll make sure to pick up the extra ingredients we need.

    thanks so much!


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