Here's why I'm *NOT* freaking out..

So I'm doing my mindless zoning out of facebook and I start to see people freaking out about how they're no longer a "Gemini" or a "Scorpio" and it's all changed now! AND ZOMG! Who am I REALLY now?

If you haven't heard, yours might've changed. Mine....in case you're wondering...didn't.

And to be quite honest...who CARES?!

Yes, it is fun to see who you're compatible with or get love/work/money advice from your daily newspaper. But FRIENDS. Honestly...how many of you actually follow your zodiac all insane-like? If you did, then you'd know that the ones they put out for the general populace are so generic. Don't believe me? Read every single sign OTHER than yours first and see how many similarities you can find. If this was all true, I'd be a big ole' mix of zodiac goodness because I have several traits from several signs.

Here, let CNN explain it to ya some more. Yes, friends. CNN is getting in on this ridiculousness.

People are SERIOUSLY having mass existential crisises [crisee?] over this nonsense. $20 says in a few days, after they've worked the frenzy into mass hysteria, they'll say it was all a hoax. And even if it IS real.. here's what you should know [and remember].

If you want REAL guidance and REAL understanding...go to God. Read your Bible. Talk to a trusted elder within your churches. Don't pick up the newspaper and assume that Johnny Zodiac has an IN on your life because he can type what he reads in some hokey horoscope book. You are who you are...maybe that's affected by where the sun and moon was located in the heavens when you were born...but more than likely it's a healthy combo of where you grew up, how you grew up, and who you were around...nature vs nurture and all that good junk. I am Kiranda. Always have been, always will be...

and if someone tells me I'm suddenly a capricorn..I'm still keeping my virgo tattoo. ;]

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  1. of course it's a scam. http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=497638542901&id=100000112520865


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