my stubborn, little sweet baby b.

**I started writing this as a super long, detailed post....but I'm exhausted from running around smiling like a darn fool all day so I'm going to give you the cliff notes version.**

Arrived at my appointment 30 minutes early.
Worked on party decorations while we waited.
Called back and within minutes, saw Baby B.
Ninety minutes in, the tech had me walk up
 and down the hall in hopes to turn B around to get other shots.
Ten minutes later, check.....no turnage.
No turnage = no gender reveal.
Tech turns the shots over to radiology and says she'll come back 
to check on the gender in fifteen minutes.
Hubbin grabbed skittles, water, and I did some wicked cool 
stretching to try and turn the baby...
[see below]

vinyasa, baby.

So let's recap:
two hours
three tries
walking and running up and down the hall
intense "stretching"
and a couple "stern" talking to's 
[ie: we're not buying you ANYTHING until you show us what you are...]


49% of y'all had it right!
and 2% really thought I was having an alien? you rawk!


  1. Ooooo congrats!! One of each how exciting!! :) love the picture with the pink ribbon! Fab idea!

  2. Yay! Now you can stop for awhile lol!! Congrats!

  3. YES! I told my dr two appointments ago that I don't want to be doing this 10 months after the baby's born so please please PLEASE throw an IUD up in there. lol.

  4. congratulations. i cant beleive i missed this post! so exciting!


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