I shouldn't be allowed to make decisions...

I am, howyousay, typical.

I am your typical girl, who canNOT make a decision to save my life.

Well, let me take that back, I can make a decision...but I usually have tons of buyers guilt and/or do a ton of research beforehand and feel pretty satisfied until I see a much better idea then I kick myself in the teeth over and over again.


Austin's birthday is now less than a month away. I've been thinking about it for sometime now and have a mild plan of action for the event. Here's the problem: I can't figure out a theme.


You'd think it really didn't matter. BUT. I think birthdays are a big deal. Like other than Christmas, my favorite day is my birthday. I expect the entire world to bend over backwards on that day because, um...HELLO! I was born. It's THE ONE DAY I can demand all attention on me and only me. lol call me selfish if you want...

In any case...I want this to be special. I want all of his birthdays to be special. And since he doesn't really have a favorite of anything and can't tell me what he wants...I have to make this decision. [And of course Dada will be involved..but let's get real...he just wants to know the cost.]

Initially, I thought...let's do monkeys. Then I realized, other than the one monkey he has in his room that he only stares at, he's not really into monkeys.

So I moved onto turtles...but again...other than his pillow pet....AND how can I incorporate that into a birthday party without some major time/money/stress/etc...

Well...he DOES like Sprout. So we could do that. And I found some awesome sprout stuff on their website. Which reminds me...I need to send in a birthday card/announcement so they'll put it on tv and Chica can say Hap Birfday *squeaksqueak* to my little munchkin...

But then I came across this site and etsy shop that has THE CUTEST things ever. Which would mean I'd have to change the whole thing up. And with only a month to go, I need to get on the ball. Because honestly...I go back to school next week. Weekends are my only free time/family time. And if I want to do either theme, I need to do a lot of DIY stuff and bring it with me. AND ordering cupcakes/cake AND considering food options AND party favors.....

you see my dilemma? Any advice for the 1st birthday party from you vet moms out there?



  1. We did a monkey theme with blue and yellow because Chris calls him monkey and he really does love monkeys. I would say advice wise...don't over do it! The kid is only a year old and he will be overwhelmed already with all these people up in his face! We bought a lot of the streamer/balloons, plates from the dollar tree.

  2. Keep it simple. Don't try to go overboard because the kids end up getting overwhelmed. For decorations, I'd hit up the dollar store. You'd be surprised at all the cute little wall clings, balloons and birthday party stuff they have.

  3. Dont over do it. Not only are you pregnant and nobody expects it, you also dont want to give yourself the title of being one of "those moms."

    Who are "those moms?" Well, they're the ones who go all out for birthdays, spending way too much money, investing way too much time, and wasting too much energy into something that ultimately the kid doesn't care about.

    The reason other moms dont like "those moms" is because their over-achiever birthday parties scream "I love my kid more than you love yours" or worse.... "I'm a better mom than you!"
    (And even if you do think it, thats not the vibe you want to give off to others.)

    When your mom friends see the caliber of your party, they WILL think twice about inviting you to their kid's party. Because all they're going to do is make a homemade (lopsided) cake, throw up some dollar-store streamers and balloons, and call it a day.

    You may want to dote on him and faun all over him for his birthday, and thats fine if its important to you. But remember, your guests dont feel the same way about your kid as you do. If you go too over the top, you'll make them uncomfortable.

    So just embrace being a laid-back birthday mama. If you set the bar too high for the first year, how will you top yourself the next? There is no need to pull out the credit cards for his 1st birthday. Save your money for the 5 yr. milestone when he's old enough to appreciate your efforts.

    just my .02, tax free.


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