I think I'm pretty awesome already, but...

Like the title of this blog suggests, or rather states loudly and proudly, I think I'm pretty awesome. Not gonna lie. I mean, of course I could be better...but as is...pretty. effing. cool. BUT. [and that's a pretty big butt...teehee] with it being a new year and all, it's time to reflect on the changes I'd like to make.

Really get into my new "hobby".
The hus likes my photography "skills" and I've always been somewhat interested. I now have a TON of material, what with A and Baby B and my super cute husband, so I need to really invest in it and get going. I'm going to buy myself a new camera....a NICE camera. And get to work. I'm excited.

Be a better, consistent blogger.
I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like I don't really blog about anything of importance. I feel like a lot of it is fluff and no one cares. Not only that, with my school schedule practically ruling my life, I have a lot of gaps in between posts. NO MORE, friends.

Be healthier.
Obviously right now I can't focus on losing any weight. That's bad for B. Buuut- I can be healthier. I've done a lot better so far in this year than I did for most of 2010, but still...there's room for improvement. I'd like to walk more, especially during the end of this pregnancy, so that my endurance is in decent shape post partum. I WILL workout more after Baby B. Mark these words.

Be a better wife.
Let's face it. I went into marriage completely and totally into my husband. I had a kid and he totally fell to the wayside. We're about to have another child and I don't want to push him further down on my list of priorities. True, there are times that motherhood and that sanity must take precedence, but I must ALWAYS remember to keep him as my number one. Even above the kids. Shocked? I hope you're not. Without him, I wouldn't have these two babies and I need to treat him with the respect, honor, and love he truly deserves.

Act like a tourist in WA.
I've lived in this state since I was four. I don't do the tourist-y things. But this is our last year here, in the foreseeable future. There are things I haven' t done and things I had a horrible time trying. This year, my entire family [Baby B included] will go visit places and see things and create lasting memories.

Make connections and strengthen bonds.
You have no idea how many times I get sad going through my google reader and seeing bloggers making friends IRL. I think the readers I have are awesome possum and I hope to connect with some, if not all of you, at some point soon. I'm resolving to meet at least one mom blogger and have a connection in real life. Does that make me sound creepy?

And finally, be just a little bit more "out of my mind" all around.
Keeping people on their toes is my forte. Doing the unexpected is far too much fun to stop. Taking lemons and making grape juice...got it. I want to keep doing it. I want to keep pushing the envelope, cautiously of course. I will NOT, however, be pregnant again at the end of this year. Nope. We're getting fitted for an IUD six weeks on the mark after B comes. I'm crazy, but not THAT crazy.

There's always more and I'm sure I'll have another change of heart and want to make my life that much more fulfilled and happy. But this is good for now.

What changes or enhancements are you making in 2011?


  1. love the new look of your blog!!!

  2. Sounds like you've got some good stuff to work on!


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