um...i don't have words.

well that's a lie. i have PLENTY of words. but most of them are said in a 'shrieking mom voice', so i'll spare you. but like. OH. EM. GEE. i think my son is growing up far too fast. we're just a few weeks from his 1st birthday and i'm just all kinds of weepy lately.

not only is he attempting to walk. [let's face it, he's walking. if he's interested in something, he goes for it] but he's getting more interested in feeding himself. both of these things, i was worried about him not showing any interest in before his birthday.

my little big baby. is this pre-toddlerhood?


  1. Aww this is what happened a few weeks before Babes first birthday. I was so teary all the time about it too! I have learned it's easier to let him attempt to feed himself in the long run, they need a little independence at this stage!

  2. Just wanted to send you a virtual hug. My little one is 6 months next week, and I want a PAUSE BUTTON!!! I found you on bloggy moms,-glad I did! I look forward to more stories of pre-toddler hood (so I can be prepared!!)



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