Hair Bows and Headbands...I want it mmk!

I intentionally wanted a boy first so I could ease myself into the 'broke-ness' that comes along with having kids. lol Now that I have my little girl on the way, I've gotta start thinking about all of the accessories!! And can I say I'm super EXCITED!

Over at As The Foreste Grows, Heidi is hosting a giveaway for these precise items. AND I WANT THEM!! You should head on over and check out her giveaway and ALSO...go check out Little Loves on etsy! It's the cutest shop! Lurrrrrrve. [btw: she also has a code for 20% off your purchase at LL..so go show some love and support]

THIS is what I want.


  1. I will miss the fact that we wont get to have cute girly stuff but that's ok, I will live through you ;). hahaha.

  2. trust me Heleen! boys are soooo much easier as your first one! you're gonna be glad!!


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