I know I shouldn't...

I feel like I'm probably setting myself up for failure by not going to my last class today, but given the circumstances of the day [not packing lunch, my debit card having major issues, and only have $4 of cash on me]...I'm going to go home when my class ends at 2:30. I don't WANT to start off the year by skipping class, but I am. And that's that.

I tried to switch into an earlier class and it just didn't work out schedule-wise. I can't afford to just drop it because then I won't be able to walk in graduation this semester. And trust me...I HAVE to walk in graduation this year. If I don't, I'll probably just give up. And where would that leave me? No degree...WAAAY too much in student loans...and just a plain wreck.

I'm kind of venting. I rushed around today all for NO. REASON. Well, I'm sure there was a divine reason. I ran around all morning stressing out trying to get Austin to the babysitter and out to Seattle for class only to discover on the drive in that I didn't have a class at 9am like I thought. I have class at 10:30. So I'm trying to waste an hour of time. I went to my job and picked up my W-2 and got some free breakfast! SCORE!! And now I'm just wandering around the building [this one isn't my normal one so I feel out of place] trying to waste time.

Urgh. I've gotta go pay for more parking.... *grumble*

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  1. Sounds like you are having a pretty rough day. Hopefully, it'll get better.


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