Twenty Weeks....a recap.

**i apologize for the hotmess-ness of these photos**

How far along: Twenty weeks and Six Days
Total weight gain: from starting weight, +5.2lbs
Maternity clothes: I haven't bought anything new, but I definitely want to!!
Stretch Marks: nothing new to report. I'm hoping it stays that way...
Sleep: I. Cant. Sleep.
Best moment this week: Finding out that Baby B is a GIRL!
Worst moment this week: the end of winter break. that was a fab month off from school...
Movement: right now this little girl is turning FLIPS in my belly!
Cravings: Pepsi. Sour S'ghetti. and Reese's Pieces. lol like every night.
Baby's size in food terms: a canteloupe! WOW.
Belly Button: innie innie innie. depending on where she is, it pops at times.
Gender: a sweet little girl!
What I miss: sleeping on my tummy and lying on my back comfortably. I think it's time for a body pillow!
What I am looking forward to: third trimester. lol honestly.
Labor Signs: random BH contrax.
Weekly Wisdom: once again...I rock at this mommy thing. :)


  1. Kinda jealous of your innie belly button. My is an outie now and my family refers to it as the door bell. Hahaha. Not cute at all. My mom has even gone so far as to try to get me to tape in with medical tape.

  2. lol that's one of those old school things! mine hardly ever pops but stays flat the entire time. it doesn't pop out far enough...even at the end. :( i wanna little doorbell!!

  3. I just found your blog! So fun! You are not too far behind me on this pregnancy either! Love it! Oh and I have a maternity pillow, and it's seriously heaven! Definitely recommend to everyone!


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