Austin Turned One! OMGAH.

for Austin's birthday, we went over the pass to visit my side of the extended family [maternal side] and celebrate his birthday. it was a pretty big event, if i do say so myself. my dad and youngest sister flew up from california and my other little sister [the middle one] flew over from DC where she's going to howard. and i mean everyone was there! it was awesome. all of my little guy...*grin*

we drove over friday night when charlie got out of combatives class and CAN I JUST SAY- we rented a Ford Flex from enterprise and it was SPLENDID. all the ROOM. [this will make sense in a later post...]. we ended up making excellent time and got there an hour before we anticipated. it was nice just spending time joking and laughing with my family. and *shocker* there was LITTLE drama the entire time. *whew*.

saturday morning, i woke up and went on a baking frenzy making cuppycakes and cakeballs that everyone pretty much DEVOURED. i didn't even get to taste any this time. :( boo. then we all got dressed and headed over to my grandma's house where my dad and sisters were cooking up some A-MAY-ZA-ZING gumbo. oh mah gaaaah it was so delish. i wish i could put up samples on the interwebz for you all to taste. it was that good. i decorated the house with pictures of austin. there was no real theme..just celebrating that austin had been on the planet [and out of my ute'] for a year. there was no pressure to 'host' since it was family and close close friends, and the party really went into the wee hours of the night. at one point, we even had a 'whip my hair a-la willow smith' off. it was hilarious. i got dizzy and my mom fell over at one point. HILARIOUS. and with the music on, austin danced for everyone wearing a frog hat.

really. we had a fantastic time and i didn't cry once! YAH. and now, time for pictures. skweeee!

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