i'm creepy.

i have a confession. i'm not truly ashamed....not even a little bit. i just worry that someone will think there's something wrong with me. so i bring it to you, blogosphere....here's my secret:

i stalk my son.

i know, i know...creeps-ville. but hear me out! it's totally not done in a creepy fashion...it's just something that ends up happening. i can't get over how much of a "big boy" he is. he's not my little baby anymore. he can see further than what's in his direct line of sight. if he wants something, he can go get it. he has a personality...and a wicked one at that. he cracks himself up daily. <---i think he gets that from the both of us. he's curious about things and likes to figure them out. and the words 'no' or 'stop' or 'don't', immediately mean to do it again. instead of just looking at an object, he has to taste it to see what it is.

i mean...i just. can't. get. over. this. kid.

we were driving to the babysitters today and i actually adjusted the mirror so i could watch him as he looked around at the scenery and nom-ed on a vanilla wafer and talked to himself. weird, right?

i'm less 'near tears' and more just slack-jawed in awe over this kid. he's pretty much the most awesome-est person i've ever met and i could watch him all day.

you think he'll be creeped out  by that when he's older?

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  1. He'll be creeped out until he has his own kid. My husband says he could watch our son all day too.

  2. is there a club for that? hello my name is nicole, and i stalk my son (and daughter) too :)

  3. He is so your twin!! Stalk on because they grow so fast!

  4. Oh my goodness, he looks SO much like you in that bath pic! It's the mouth, I think! So cute :)

    And personally, I think it's weird for any parent NOT to want to stare at their child in awe all day! LOL! <3

  5. lol...ok thanks y'all. cause i'm feeling pretty creep-tastic over here. if you think he looks like my twin in THAT picture, i should try and put up pictures of me when i was a baby...we look EXACTLY alike...it's almost creepy. lol


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