growth spurt? or just schleepies?

i have to praise God right now. my little chublet is still sleeping and it's ten til noon. he fought us last night and didn't really want to go to bed until we both went to bed with him, but he's so sleepy that he's still sleeping in right now. i know this will probably mean no nap later or maybe even one nap [let's cross our fingers, shall we?], but i'll take it. with this cold, i end up feeling better in the late afternoon/early evening and really crappy in the morning and nighttime so it'll work out fine.

i wonder if it's a growth spurt of some sort. or maybe his body is letting itself recharge so that he doesn't get  the cooties that mommy and daddy are spreading around. hmmmm.

while he's sleeping i've been messing around with my camera. thanks to the awesome advice from friends and other bloggers and The Pioneer Woman, i've already learned a ton in just a few hours this morning. me thinks the kidlet and i will have a mini photoshoot today to try out some of what i've learned.

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