to the playground we go [pic heavy]

austin was in a pretty whiney mood when charlie came home from work, so we all changed into some warmer clothes and walked down the block to the playground near our house. i'd been looking into taking my camera out of auto-mode so i was pretty excited to try some new shots. it was like 5pm so the sun was pretty much gone for the day. from inside i thought there was more light, but there definitely wasn't.

the first few i played around with some editing. and the last ones i just left alone for now. i really want to get photoshop! lol but i figure, i need to take decent pics first. critiques please!! i'd love them!!

edited: [w/picasa...mostly just curves]

SOOC: [i kept playing around with aperture and shutter speed]


  1. OMG! Your son is absolutely gorgeous! XO

    Beautiful family, all the way around.

  2. Loved the one with him on the swing and the one with hubs on the bench. Some of the ones with Austin by himself I would adjust the aperture so the background is blurred a little more. Don't you just love the Tutorials.


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