joy of love {day 8}

day eight:
gift from the heart.

about my photo
within forty-eight hours of getting married, my husband was talking about kids. i knew i wanted kids, but i wasn't so sure on the when. i was always thinking about what everyone else would think. after some lengthy discussions, we decided to just go for it and let the cards fall where they may. two months later, we were blessed with a positive pregnancy test and austin was on his way.
there are everyday things that my husband has done that would be great for the challenge. take tonight for example, i came home to a spotless house, a happy and bathed little chublet and a hot bath ready for yours truly. talk about amazing. but this little guy up above, was the best gift from the heart i've ever received.
he was wanted. and not just by me, but by his dad. in fact, his dad wanted him MORE...i'd care to say. 
and for that i'm always grateful.

oh, and btw. these pictures were taken completely on manual.
for the first time EVAR.
um, woot?!


  1. So cute :) You're so lucky to have a thoughtful husband who clearly has nothing but endless love for you and mr. chunkaroo! :D

    Also, congrats on getting the hang of your camera! *thumbs up*

  2. Great job with these photos! I'm finally beginning to use my camera on manual too, haha! It's great huh!? What a beautiful child.

    So glad I'm finally returning all of the wonderful comment love you've been sharing with me! :D

  3. Oh, and loved this story too! I wonder why we waited so long to have our daughter, now I can't wait to have another!


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