Twenty Three Weeks down....CHECK!

How far along: Twenty-Three weeks and Six Days
Total weight gain: from starting weight, +7.6lbs, and apparently i'm the only one worried
Maternity clothes: I want to go shopping. I love my pants, but I need more tops.
Stretch Marks: nothing new to report. I'm hoping it stays that way...yep yep.
Sleep: I. Cant. Sleep. AT. ALL.
Best moment this week: Feeling better and not so sick.
Worst moment this week: Feeling nauseated and having to go to school!
Movement: She moves SOOO MUCH! and most times it hurts!
Cravings: Dr. Pepper and egg rolls from Jack In The Box...definitely a lot more unhealthy this time around.
Baby's size in food terms: i've got a little papaya in there!
Belly Button: total popage. it's super cute. i keep poking it!
Gender: a sweet little girl!
What I miss: not being so physically tired and sore.
What I am looking forward to: third trimester. lol honestly.
Labor Signs: random BH contrax. and i've been feeling a TON of pressure down there. it's weird.
Weekly Wisdom: it's not irresponsible to have children back to back...pssh (smh)

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