Show Some Blog Love, y'all.

Okay...so Crystal over at Domestic, But Not Martha is having a sort of Pay It Forward thing going on over at her blog. it's a spectacular idea. i can't tell you how many times i've come across a wicked blog that i just have to keep coming back to, but they don't have a huge following. not that you need a ton of people to hear you out or anything, because just one person matters. but i know there are times i'd love to do a giveaway or whatever, but not too many people comment or participate and it just feeds the low-blog-self-esteem bug. lol

so i'm not saying that these bloggers are desperate for more readers, but they are blogs that i love to see in my reader and i think you would too. so check 'em out!

{she just had the cutest little girl!}
{seriously, funny.}
{just came across her blog. wicked.}
{we live a few blocks from each other. she keeps it real!}
{we tweet a lot.}

okay so there are a ton more. and i just hope that you'll get out there and find some. you can also check out Crystal's blog for a big ole' list of 'em. you're welcome.

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