Things I've Learned in Mommyhood...

austin turned one this past weekend. i was in full denial, but i couldn't help but think back over the last year. this blog started as a love journal and has progressed to Welcome to Mommyhood...now that i've got a year down in this mommyhood business...i feel like i could share some of what i've learned. because, i'm a pro at this, you know. lol *winky*

feel free to add some in the comments section. i think i might make a tab of things like this..because there's obviously more, but mommy brain is a real disability and i'm suffering from it. lol 

Lessons Learned in Mommyhood

toys that make noise and light up and a lot of fun, but not nearly as much fun as a box of tissues, a Wii controller, wires, and anything that makes noise when you bang on it.

even if you've fed your babe and his stomach can't possibly hold anymore...if you eat anything in front of him, he'll want you to share.

teething sucks.

sometimes letting your kid do those things that you don't want him to do will make him [and you] the happiest. so go ahead son, run around with that pen and risk poking an eye out.

it's totally okay if you bring your kid into your bed at night all because you don't want to face the reality that he's growing up.

those shows targeted to preschoolers are actually pretty interesting. and those songs are catchy as all get out.

you are the parent and the final authority on all issues.

God made dirt and dirt don't hurt. so let him eat it.

the best way to get a moment of peace while playing mommy is to take a bubble bath with your kidlet. run some warm water, make some bubbles, put the kidlet near your feet and lay your head on your bath pillow and zone out. 

take lots of pictures. you'll be amazed at home much they'll grow and change in just a short amount of time.

all that advice about sleeping when they sleep...take it. you'll thank me later, i promise.

don't put too much pressure on yourself to be "perfect". but don't be lazy either.

if your kid wakes up before you and isn't crying, go ahead and get a few more minutes of zzz's.

you'd have to be a heartless, cruel human to not think that a dancing toddler is the cutest thing ever!

it's okay if your son starts to prefer daddy over you. he'll always be your little baby. and when he needs some comforting, he'll jump right in your arms.

diaper explosions happen...and usually when you have a limited supply of wipes.

every kid is different. so don't worry if so and so reached milestones before your kid does, they'll do it when they're ready.

it's not creepy if you stare at your kid. it's not.

babyproofing your house may make things easier. but not babyproofing keeps you in shape.

some times you'll want to pull out your hair. sometimes you'll cry. there will be times you'll wonder why you even had kids in the first place. you'll doubt yourself. you'll hate your life. and it's all okay.

because in the next moment, they'll do something so tender and so loving that you'll remember why they were wanted. 

and you'll thank God for the huge blessing that comes wrapped in such a great package.


  1. awww i really like this one- you've got some great points for sure and he's SO adorable. Happy belated 1st birthday to Austin!

  2. Aww...they do grow fast. I have tons of pics of Moo and she looks different in all them.


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