to go or not to go.

one of my blog resolutions this year was to go to at least one blog conference. and lucky me, there's a bloggy bootcamp coming here to seattle in june. i've already bought my ticket and since it's where i live, just a short commute away, i don't need a hotel reservation. i'm excited! only downside is, i'm not exACTly sure if i'll be pregnant or not by then. and if not, how old will Bella be? because i'm a babywearing, exclusive breastfeeding gal...i might have to strap my baby on me and get my bootcamp on.

[by the way...is that okay?]

well, also blogher '11 is in san diego this year and...i could totally go!! my dad lives there so there's room and board for free. the only thing i'd need to do is buy my ticket and flight. i just looked up flights and they're reasonably priced. and i'm sure all four of us would go...so that all of us could get a mini-vaca.

oh, and bonus.. i can get the student discount because i am a student and will still be when the conference rolls around.

so my question is...should i go? what would you guys do? i'd have to really convince the hubs that another vaca is necessary [therefore we need to buy the tickets] and that it's not a waste of time or money. he loves my blog and takes it almost as seriously as i do...but still. ykwim?

hmm. suggestions?

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  1. Hmm... that's a toughy! I was going to go to blogher, until we decided to go to Florida in May. Then realized I couldn't spend the extra money to go to San Diego in August. SO I decided to go to bloggy boot camp instead. I think it's a good compromise for me. So.. with all that said... if you aren't sure you'll be able to make it to boot camp, AND you have family in Cali - why not go to blogher?? :)

  2. go! it's one of those things you wonder about bc you are a little anxious before, and then you go, and you're like, that was such an enriching experience. can you imagine if i hadn't gone?


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