doing it all with a little grace and humility.

today, while feeling overwhelmed by the work load that school has put on me, the pregnancy and all the issues i'm having with it, the fact that i haven't bought ONE thing for bella yet, trying to keep my husband and son happy and spend adequate quality time with them, and also maintaining my status and number one housewife....i was shocked.

someone called me their hero.

me....a hero? really?

i don't really do much. at least i don't feel like i do. sometimes...

i go to school full time. there i'm balancing homework from all different classes that is usually due the next day, prepping for my senior recital [the culmination of my four years there] and trying to figure out my next steps as a music major [grad school, doctorate, etc.]

i have a job. but in all honesty, i don't work. in fact, i didn't even work once last month. but i'm still employed and could be called in at a moment's notice.

i'm baking a bun named bella. this pregnancy isn't super easy. i don't get as much rest as i'd like and recently discovered i have SPD, a fabulous pelvic disorder that makes every. single. thing. difficult.

i have a husband and a son whom, during the week, i only see for a few hours a day. and during the weekend we're so exhausted we sleep a lot of time. but i try to have moments with them rather than spend it on the computer or hanging with friends. i try to soak up as much as i can because i know one day i'll blink and my kids will be grown and my husband and i will be old [and super sexy], but i don't want to miss a moment of the ride.

and while i sometimes feel inadequate or like i'm not doing enough, there is someone who is watching me and all that i'm doing and calling me their inspiration. and i quote: "i see you doing everything and i realize i could do it too." do you know how good that makes me feel?

i'm incredibly blessed to have the lifestyle that i have. and when i feel down and out about being so busy and tired and overwhelmed, i need to remember that someone is always watching. and as long as i've got God in my corner and i'm faithful in doing His Will, i know He'll never leave me to do it by myself and he'll provide the extra help when i need it.

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