I Haz Editz.

So Ashley over at Ashley...plus three has an Edit Me challenge going on. I thought I'd give it a try. I'm no editing pro and just like what i like. most times i can't even get what i want across and i end up throwing up my hands and sobbing uncontrollably. [not really, but you get the picture] so anyway. i tried. a lot of other people tried too! click on the icon at the bottom to see what they did!! also. sorry if my processes don't make sense. i haven't figured out how to word them yet. hehe

here's the image SOOC:

*adorbs, right!*

i'm testing out lightroom to see if i want to buy it. so this is where i did all the editing for this photo!

sepia-ish edit.
added some fill light to brighten it up
then discovered i might like brightening it up by adjusting the exposure
BARELY adjusted the blacks 
played around with the blues a bit. not really sure why. i just liked it.
did some noise reduction, detail and contrasting
used the Aged Photo preset 
played with the clarity

boost-ish edit.
used the dust custom preset
adjusted the noise reduction and detail

faded-ish edit.
fashion shot 1 custom preset
added fill light
very little noise reduction

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  1. These are so great. The boost edit really makes her eyes pop. Thanks so much for joining in!


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