i apologize in advance...

though i may not have a lot of commentators on this blog, my stats show that people are clicking here. so..i'm apologizing in advance for my lack of update-age. it's midterms week here at The Corn and i'm going positively nuts over here! it's like these teachers don't realize that there's a life outside of school, you know?! blegh.

this is me today. eek!

but, in good news...we're one day closer to going to San Diego! i'm soooo excited. we really need a vacation...a real one. i promise to update with lots of pictures of us in my dad's pool and i'm hoping we can take austin to the beach for the first time!

and in OTHER good news. i'm twentyeight weeks. and that means i'm in my third trimester, right? i think so. AHHH! *insert freak out* Bella is comin! there is NO stopping her!

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