Scavenger Hunt {in sunny California!!!}

This is my first time joining in with the Scavenger Hunt hosted by Ashley Sisk! I'm kinda nervous...BUT since we're in sunny san diego, there's just a ton of photography inspiration. Who knew? Warm weather makes me feel slightly more creative. Here's my interpretation of this week's themes:

Vanishing Point
these are the steps leading up to the second floor of my dad's house. it's practically a mansion. 
we're trying to get austin to go up and down the stairs. he's never had any since he started walking...this should be interesting!

Square Crop
this is what we walk out to from our guest bedroom. i like this arrangement...even though they're fake. lol

austin and his aunt kirisha putting their feet "under" the water. cool, right? lol or is it just cheesy?

"Welcome to the Jungle"
austin playing in the grass and flowers in the background. he looks like a monkey. :)

he's really enjoying himself out here in the sun so i chose this picture.

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  1. I'm so glad you've jumped in and you've done a wonderful job. I especially love the last two shots!

  2. I love your jungle shot - what a cutie. And he does look very calm in the last one :D Sounds like a fun trip!

  3. Mmm... sunny California! Love your last two shots... what a sweet little calm monkey!!


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