today, i opted to stay home and take care of my sick little chublet. despite being the happiest, sick kid i've ever known....i didn't want to burden my girl brandi and her adorable little kidlet, McKenzie, with my snot-nosed-hacking-up-a-storm bubba. we woke up and he cried a bit when daddy left, but i know that bathtime is his favorite time so we went to the bathroom and i set about creating a steamy, mentholated environment to help aid in that nose running.

i call his nina and we're talking on the phone. yes..while in the bathtub. no worries- i was leaning out. so the door is closed, which hardly happens, and we're bathing and having a good time. i called my husband to make sure he would get money to deposit into our USAA account on his lunch break and all that jazz.

so we're sitting. austin's blurbing away. i'm relaxing in the hot water. his nose is running. all is well, when the door handle to the bathroom starts to turn. immediately i go into survival mode. i take survey of our situation: naked. in the furthest, smallest room in the house. no weapons minus a few toys and new razor. hmm.

as the door opens, i hear a man's voice say, "where's the money?"

for about 2.5 seconds, y'all....i almost beat the crap out of my husband and ran outside naked with a naked baby for help.

yes, he did.

while i'm having a heart attack, he starts laughing.

yes girl, he did.

i'm all, "announce yo-self FOOL!" he's lucky! he better be glad i check before i react....and thankful i can't put our guns together, load them, and shoot before someone attacks me. lol

**ps. there's no button for ONHD because Kristi over at Live and Love Out Loud laid the meme to rest. :( But I'm going to create my own soon.

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  1. I would have beat him down HARD.. girl he should not have scared you like that and you pregnant to boot. Yeah that deserves a beat down


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