my kid is the coolest

..because yours doesn't do the cool things he does. 
Wanna know why?

so we stopped breastfeeding awhile back. 
not because we wanted to, but...
you know, i got knocked up. 

right before we officially stopped, i knew something was up because 
the kidlet turned into a MARATHON nurser. 
i mean, he'd CRY whenever i walk in the room
and wouldn't calm down until he could get the boob in his mouth.

once he was on the bottle, he didn't care about my bubbies anymore.

...until recently.

now: he. pinches. my. nipples.

not all purple nurple style either. he grabs them with his forefinger and thumb and PULLS.
yes. PULLS, friends.


he giggles.


my kid is the coolest.

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