uh-oh...prego fitness alert.

in a crazy act of spontaneity last yesterday evening, i put on some sweats and headed over to the gym. i know, right?! crazy. i ended up having such a good time and feeling so energized afterwards, i set a small goal of getting up to do it again this morning. i figure, i'm usually so worn out at the end of the day and beSIDES i'm not sleeping anyway [thanks to all this pregnancy stuff] so why not?!

well, i did it!

i totally got up at 5am and laced up my sneaks for another trip to the gym! i was a bit intimidated at first because i work out at soldier's field house. and just the name alone clues you in....there's a lot of soldiers there. BUT, i started and ended my workout before they started their morning PT.

i can't believe it! i managed to get in one hour of exercise this morning before i started my day and so far i feel amazing. something about lifting and sweating first thing in the morning puts me in a great mood. here's what i've done so far:

day 1 {3/27} walk on treadmill @ 2.8mph w/ 2.5%incline |  lower body weight lifting
day 2 {3/28} walk on treadmill @ 2.5mph w/ 2.5% incline | upper body weight lifting

those treadmill stats might not seem like a lot of work, but i'm fighting contractions the entire time! lol and besides, i'm not ready to run. i probably won't run until after bella is born. i'm already pretty bottom heavy so running with her would be torture.

so yah. if you follow me on twitter, you'll be able to get my fitness updates while i'm at the gym. yea..i'm one of those people. lol

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  1. Props to you! I haven't felt the need to workout since I first got pregnant. I get the urge to clean and hang with friends, but I can't walk on a treadmill or around the lake anymore. :( I have been having BH contractions a lot too lately.

  2. Kudos to you for starting your fitness early. I already do a lot walking and natural exercise and thankfully, I have put on a lot less weight than I did with my first pregnancy. However, I'm already hunting down workout clothes and gyms with childcare centers so that I can get into high gear once I deliver.


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