shock and awe...or maybe just boredom?

i'm considering a lip ring. 

excuse the late night picture. the hubs and i are both using technology rather late tonight rather than going to bed with austin. he's on the ipad playing some towers game...that is APPARENTLY quite addicting. [he's been playing for over 4 hours now] and i've been blog editing and uploading pics to facebook. but back to the topic at hand...

lip ring. i'm thinking somewhere on the left side [it'd be your right] so it's opposite my nose ring. 
it'd be cool, right? i mean...i already throw people by being a mom with five tattoos, a belly ring, and a hoop through my nose....why not add another element in there? i think it'd be cute. hubs, on the other hand, isn't so convinced. in fact, he wants me to go back to the stud in my nose. 

what say you, blogosphere?

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