i think my daughter hates me.

you always here about the dreaded "mother-daughter" relationship. i know my own mom and i have a lot of tension between us mostly because we're so much alike and we're incredibly stubborn and headstrong. there's a lot of issues there but we won't go there. lol we always end up making up and mending our relationship without letting too much time pass.

so anyway...

i think my biggest fear with having a daughter [besides teenage pregnancy and/or something like that] is having that kind of high tension relationship. i don't want her to hate me, you know? i know i might not always say or do the right thing with her, but i don't want her to think i don't understand her or listen to her. those were major issues for me growing up.

but i'm already feeling like she hates me.

this kidlet is FIERCE. she kicks and punches and rolls and does everything she can to hurt me. i swear...lol. i literally beg her to be nice to her mommy. i don't want to compare the two, but austin wasn't nearly as mean as bella has been. lol is that horrible?

i mean...WHAT IF SHE DOES HATE ME? ugh. i'm so preparing myself for her to come out flipping me off or something horrible like that. lol.

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  1. its ok - mine hates me too right now (but she is *almost* 15)

  2. there are many variables and never a guarantee. My own mother and I are best friends NOW, but in HS it was lots of arguments. I think mostly because I was a teen, and had trouble in school.

    Really, all you can do is love her. =)

    and geeze girl don't put negativity where none is needed! lol

  3. Girls are much more feisty and unruly than boys.That has been my experience so far lol


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